Sonogram Bill: God & Dan Patrick Get It Passed

Saying it was "God's time" to get the bill passed, State Senator Dan Patrick succeeded today in getting approval for Texas women to be forced to view a sonogram, and to hear whether the fetus has arms or legs, two hours before getting an abortion.

During the debate a baby cried in the audience, and Patrick said, "There's the hand of God right there, the cry of a baby...This is God's time to pass this bill."

God was unavailable, as always, for comment.

At another point, according to the Texas Tribune's live-blogging, Patrick asked Senator John Whitmire "If those aborted souls were in the gallery right now, what would you say to them?"

The Texas Medical Association opposed the bill, which will pass the House and be signed by the Governor unless something very, very strange happens. The TMA said the state government was injecting itself too much into the doctor-patient relationship.

There is no provision in the law for women to have A Clockwork Orange-type apparatus forcing them to view the screen or even listen to the doctor.

"I can't control a woman tuning her doctor out," Patrick said during debate. "It's probably a 15-second explanation."

Perry's statement after the bill passed:

I commend the Texas Senate for quickly passing SB 16, an important achievement in our efforts to protect life. Considering the magnitude of the decision to have an abortion, it is crucial that Texans understand what is truly at stake. We know that when someone has all the information, the decision to choose life becomes clear. I look forward to working with House members to pass this legislation quickly, to ensure Texans are fully informed when considering such an important decision.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.