Sid Miller knows best.
Sid Miller knows best.

Sonogram Bill Signed: Three White Guys Sitting Around Talking

Texas, you may now consider yourself even more safe when it comes to women abortin' babies just `cause they feel like it.

Governor Rick Perry, in a big ceremonial show, signed into law the bill that mandates women seeking abortions must undergo sonograms.

His official statement on the matter included quotes from three people: himself, State Senator Dan Patrick and State Representative Sid Miller.

Because if anyone knows what's good for women, it's three Tea Party Texan politicians.

"Today is a great day for women's health and unborn children in Texas," Patrick said. "This bill will greatly improve women's healthcare in Texas, provide women the information that they deserve through informed consent and will undoubtedly save thousands of innocent lives."

All about the women's healthcare, is our Dan.

Sid Miller's thoughts:

House Bill 15 will protect human life: the lives of the unborn victims of abortion, as well as those who are faced with such a life changing decision. By providing women with a full 24-hour waiting period, this bill will provide expectant mothers with adequate time to review their sonogram and to carefully weigh the impact of their life-changing decision without undue pressure or influence from abortion providers or others.

And finally, rounding out the rich white guy trifecta, the honorable governor:

Every life lost to abortion is a tragedy we all must work together to prevent, and I commend Rep. Miller and Sen. Patrick for their hard work on this significant legislation. This important bill will ensure that every Texas woman seeking an abortion has all the facts about the life she is carrying, and understands the devastating impact of such a life-changing decision.

We can only hope the women of Texas are properly grateful to have such stalwart defenders in their midst.

The governor's office, by the way, made sure there were plenty of women surrounding him as he was photographed signing the bill, just so no one would get the wrong idea or anything. Not to mention they quickly followed up the original release with a second featuring quotes from women.

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