Soon-To-Be-Sorry Pilot Buzzes Bolivar Beach

If you're having a nice little get-together with fellow Jeep enthusiasts on a beach, the last thing you expect is to get your head almost taken off by some pilot who decides it'd be fun to bizz the beach.

But that's what happened last weekend on Bolivar Peninsular, the Galveston County Daily News reports.

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A single-engine plane flew within 50 feet of the beach crowd, so close witnesses said they could see the pilot's smile.

The Federal Aviation Administration is not amused and is investigating.

It's probably not a good time to be the pilot, since a guy jogging on a beach was killed by a plane.

A video of the Bolivar incident has made its way to YouTube, but it doesn't show the plane's numbers.

It will, however, make for a neat souvenir for the soon-to-be-disciplined pilot's "Dumb Things I Wish I Hadn't Done" file.
We hope he at least enjoyed it as much as this guy:

Maybe he should have listened to his inner Goose.

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