Sorry About Those Five Years Enduring What Prisoners Do To Child Molesters, Dude

The Harris County DAs office announced today that they'll be seeking to free a man who has served five years for sexually assaulting an eight-year-old boy.

DNA evidence has exonerated Ricardo Rachell, DA Kenneth Magidson says.

"As soon as the evidence was found to exonerate him, we have acted as swiftly as possible to see that justice is done in this case," he announced.

Yeah, that'll make the last five years seem like a New York minute.

Prosecutors and Rachell's attorney will be in court tomorrow to file the necessary paperwork.

Says the DAs release:

The Houston Police Department had collected DNA evidence during the investigation, but no DNA issues emerged in the trial. Two eyewitnesses, including the victim, had identified Rachell as the assailant. The DNA was not analyzed until his later request for testing was granted.

Magidson said a mistake was made in not having the "rape kit" analyzed prior to the trial. The DA's Office did not oppose the testing request by Rachell.

The DA also said he would not oppose any requests to grant Rachell a full pardon.

-- Richard Connelly

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