South Texas College of Law Gets a New Name (For Real This Time)

The South Texas College of Law, briefly and controversially known as the Houston College of Law, finally has a new, permanent name.

The 93-year-old institution will now be the South Texas College of Law Houston, the school announced Monday morning. The new moniker settles a dispute with the University of Houston over trademark infringement.

"Given that time was of the essence, by promptly changing our name to South Texas College of Law Houston, the board of directors made the only responsible and prudent decision for the law school," said J. Ken Johnson, chairman of the school's board of directors, in a statement.

South Texas College of Law, which sought to help the public (and prospective students) better understand the school was located in the largest city in Texas, announced in June it was changing its name to the Houston College of Law.

The University of Houston quickly sued, alleging that the name change was too close to its University of Houston Law Center, and would lead the public to confuse the two schools or assume they are affiliated with each other (they aren't). To make matters worse, South Texas College of Law had the same colors, red and white, as UH.

A federal judge in October agreed and okayed an injunction preventing South Texas from adopting the new name until the UH lawsuit was resolved. UH officials heralded the ruling as a decisive win for their camp.

Rather than continuing to fight UH in court — all while students, faculty and alumni were unsure how to even refer to the school — South Texas sought a quick solution. South Texas College of Law Houston will also add the color navy to its marketing materials to further differentiate it from UH.

A spokeswoman from UH has yet to return our call for comment. We'll update this story when she does.

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