Carmageddon IV: The COVID-ining

Hold on for dear life because it's happening on the Southwest Freeway.
Hold on for dear life because it's happening on the Southwest Freeway. Screen Capture Image
Mountain goats in Wales. Pumas in Santiago. Fox cubs in Toronto. Wild boar in Mumbai. These are just a few of the animals folks around the globe have seen on city streets and highways since coronavirus (temporarily) killed traffic. It's perhaps the only welcome sight in a world on lockdown.

In Houston, however, construction remains ongoing on numerous area freeways. And despite a general lack of rush hour traffic, it can present serious challenges and cause tremendous headaches for Houston drivers. Case in point: this weekend on the Southwest Freeway near the West Loop.

It will be closed. You heard us.

The entire freeway in both directions will be closed from Weslayan to the West Loop beginning Friday night until Sunday morning. As if getting off 59 onto 610 wasn't already a pain in the ass.

This is part of the continuing construction to re-build the entire interchange, one of the most ridiculous and dangerous in the state. We are roughly a year into what is expected to be a seven-year project. Admittedly, the last couple months have given crews the opportunity to step up their efforts with good weather and fewer people on the road. Not many have noticed. They will this weekend.

If you live anywhere in that area, we're sorry. We cannot help you.

If you don't live near there, do not go there this weekend. Avoid it like you are Zoe Bell trying to avoid falling off the hood of Kurt Russel's car in Death Proof. Assume any incursion on the area will be met with swift and brutal death, Or at least it will feel that way.
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