Space Case: The Lisa Nowak E-mails

NASA has released about 220 pages of e-mails concerning the Lisa Nowak case. We’ll use a

New York Timeslink

if only for their choice of a spectacularly unhinged-looking Nowak to accompany it.

The flirty highlights, such as they are, are in the story. Stud Bill Oefelein has several exchanges with both Nowak and Colleen Shipman which the news media have chosen to call “steamy,” but which actually seem pretty tame. (Shipman notes that a uniform for Oefelein should be sized “sexy and athletic.” Whoa Nelly!!!)

But there’s other stuff, if you wade through the mostly extremely tedious release:

Astronaut humor: Oefelein to Nowak, November 27, 2006: “…Joe Dervay gave me and Roman a picture today. It was a ‘doctored-up’ version of our heads on someone that was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘I’m not a gynecologist but I’ll take a look.’ It was pretty funny.”

Nugget that doesn’t apply directly to Nowak driving across country, but could: A report on Katrina-related damage to a fuel tanker had this sentence: “It was deemed unlikely that significant water could have seeped into the IT/LH2 crotch region.”

Fun with ellipses!: Most of the stuff is so damn boring that you finally have to creatively edit it to make it sound interesting. Like a note from Oefelein to Nowak on December 12, 2005: “The prep and post meeting with Beaver was a late add-on I requested…Then we sat…and looked at a video…The nice thing is we had a couple of toddies…We must have poked him about 8 times in the arm and twice in the butt…It works to keep the juices flowing until bed time.”

The actual version of the e-mail, believe us, is a lot duller. -- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.