Space Center Is Streaming the Shuttle Craft Carrier Assembly, for Those Who Like to Watch

The space shuttle carrier arrived at Johnson Space Center a few weeks back and now, for some strange reason, you can go watch live-streaming video of the craft being re-assembled. Yes, NASA has gone and created nonstop video of this exciting process. As y'all must be able to imagine, this exhilarating video is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

The thing that did catch our interest was the donation button featured prominently below that hypnotically dull video (seriously, it's a few workers putting together an old plane and that's it.) The reason? NASA is planning on building a $12 million display center for the shuttle carrier and the fake shuttle JSC received last year. They have a plan to celebrate Houston's space exploration history and highlight Houston's role in space shuttle management with this fancy display center, according to the website, but they still don't actually have the money to build the site (about half has been raised so far.)

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The same thing was done in Los Angeles when that city received a shuttle. The display -- which they're still working on -- was built with donations. That makes sense in LA, but we must say we're a little worried about whether or not such an outpouring of, well, money will happen here for the project, Bringing the Legacy Home. After all, this is the city where voters elected not to preserve the Astrodome last year. It seems very possible that if people around here weren't willing to foot the bill to save the historic stadium, they may be even less inclined to open up their checkbooks and build a display center for the shuttle carrier and the fake shuttle that will perch atop it when some form of the display is opened in 2015.

Until that great day comes, there's always that exciting video to watch. It's a 747, just sitting there. Exciting stuff.

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