Space Shuttle Blues: Obama Says He Had Nothing to Do With Decision

Right-wingers are salivating over this interview of President Obama by Brad Watson of Dallas's WFAA -- The Drudge Report has a huge headline, "First Time: Reporter Turns Aggressive With Obama."

It actually turns out to be a standard give-and-take, with maybe a bit more pressing than usual (Obama comments afterward that Watson should "let me finish my answers" next time).

One of the things Watson asks about is whether politics played a part in the decision not to give Houston a retired space shuttle.

"That's wrong," Obama says of criticism that politics played a role in the selection process.

"So the shuttle was not awarded to Houston due to politics?" Watson asks.

"I just said that was wrong," Obama answers. "We had nothing to do with it, the White House had nothing to do with it, there was a whole commission process, that's how the decision was made."

"And you weren't personally involved in the decision," Watson says.

"I just said that wasn't true," Obama answers.....which could be read two ways. It wasn't true he wasn't involved???!!?!

The mystery gets deeper.

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