Spanking, Drugs & Sex: That's Life In Tomball

A Tomball woman who spent three nights in jail for spanking her teenage daughter has had all charges against her dropped, KHOU reports.

Karen McAdams told police she spanked her 15-year-old daughter after finding condoms and drug paraphenalia in her closet. Tomball police chief Rob Hauck had said publicly that his officers arrested McAdams for simple assault because, as KHOU paraphrases him, she "attacked the teen, leaving bruises on her arms and cuts on her mouth and upper lip."

McAdams told the station she threw a cell phone in frustration and "
a portion of the phone may have struck her daughter in the face. 'I wasn't aiming at her and I didn't abuse her,' she added." long as you weren't aiming at her, and just happened to strike her in the face.

The mother also seemed eager to put her daughter's business out there for everyone to know, saying she'd run away at 12 with a 48-year-old man who's now in jail.

Anyway, as always, the comments to the stories are better than the stories themselves.

"Frankly, that the momma didn't knock this irresponsible and disrespectful brat into the neighbor's yard is an example of controlled parenting."

"Has everyone heard the saying "I BROUGHT YOU IN THIS WORLD AND I'LL TAKE YOU OUT"? Yes I'm sure we have. Now days that would be a threat and you would be where this mom was. Two bruises and a few marks on the face. What are you trying to prove? Her guilt. Sorry Tomball but you just proved her NOT GUILTY in my mind thanks"


And on and on and on.......

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Richard Connelly
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