Spare Change: Armed Robbers Hold Up Convenience Store, Net $20

Police in Brownsville say two armed robbers entered a Stripes Convenience Store on Friday and robbed it at gunpoint. One of the two, wearing a "baby blue sweater with a hood" (aw, cute!), went behind the counter and pointed a gun at the cashier before grabbing about $20 in cash and change from the register. It's pretty bad when the $20 doesn't just come from bills but also from change.

They told the one customer in the store to get out of the way, which may seem like a bad decision in hindsight considering he was probably carrying more than what they found in the register.

The year after I graduated high school, I bought a ton of used records, so much so that I took whatever odd job I could in the weeks before shipping off to college. In one instance, I and two friends spent an entire day delivering phone books for $17 each. It was a pretty humbling experience to spend a day in the Houston summer sun avoiding dogs and heat stroke for less than $20.

But when I read about this pair of jokers, I didn't feel so bad anymore. All that effort and just $10 a man to show for it. Maybe they should have delivered phone books instead.

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