Spec's On Washington Avenue Closes, Vince Ryan Announces

A bad day for Spec's -- a (minor) fire this morning -- and now the closing of the Washington Avenue store.

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has just sent out a notice that the Spec's, which has been embroiled over permits and how close it is to a school, is closed.

His release:

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan announced today that the Spec's Liquors and Spec's Wines, Beers, and Finer Foods stores at 6010 Washington Avenue, Houston, have closed. The company agreed to a cancelation of its permits for this location this morning prior to an Alcoholic Beverage Commission hearing to consider revoking Spec's license and permits.

The County Attorney filed a suit against Spec's in March asking that the licenses and permits issued by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage for these stores be cancelled because the stores are 675 feet of Memorial Elementary School. The City of Houston bans the sale of alcohol within 1,000 feet of a public school. That suit is pending.

They also attached a picture:

spec's closed sign.JPG
Photo courtesy Harris County Attorney

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