Absolutely spectacular sunny spring weather in store for us this week.
Absolutely spectacular sunny spring weather in store for us this week.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Weather Week: Beautiful Spring Weather on Tap

Well, it certainly made us wait long enough. It took until Sunday afternoon for the sun to finally break through the clouds and knock us out of a long string of overcast days. Even better, it wasn't brutally hot. In fact, it was downright pleasant outside and actually a little cool in the evening. If you were really into Sunday, we have excellent news for you.

Monday will look a lot like Sunday with plenty of sunshine and a high around 70. Lows will fall to around 50.

And, here's the thing, for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it's basically the same as Monday, highs in the low 70s, lows in the upper 40s to near 50 and lots of sunshine. It's going to be a week of fantastic spring weather.

As we get closer to the weekend, the clouds will begin to return as will some warmer weather, but that is for the end of the week. For now, it is going to be outstanding...with one caveat.

If you struggle with allergies, particularly from pollen and ragweed, better load up on the meds. The next couple weeks are the peak of pollen season in Houston. I'm sure you've been wiping that yellow dust off your car every day. We're in for at least another week of that before that begins to subside. So, enjoy the sunshine and sorry about the sneezing.

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