Speculation Time

We know the Rockets aren’t done wheeling and dealing. We also know GM Daryl Morey came up empty in his efforts to acquire Spanish guard Rudy Fernandez on draft day (Portland swooped in and grabbed him instead).

Well, now comes word that the Blazers have yet another trade in the works that can’t be announced yet. The deal apparently involves Fernandez and would help Portland acquire a small forward.

I know full well this is nothing but idle speculation, but hear me out. Shane Battier’s name has surfaced in trade talks ever since the Rockets’ season ended. He’d be a perfect fit in Portland (although he’s already a pretty damned good fit here). Could he be the small forward in question? Perhaps Houston is still hell-bent on acquiring Fernandez as well as brand-new Blazer Channing Frye?

It’s crazy, but there’s no question Portland and Houston are still in the process of reshaping their rosters. And maybe, just maybe, they’re working together to do so. Stay tuned. – Jason Friedman

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