Speed In A Hunstville School Zone, Get Fined $312

Houston makes the top 10 list for big fines
​The school year has begun in some places, and that means school zones are up and cops are watching for violators. In some places you can't text or talk on your cell in a school zone; in every place you can't speed in one.

What are the worst places in Texas to get caught speeding in a school zone? According to a survey by Allstate, don't do it in Huntsville, man, even if you're late for an execution. It will set you back an average of $312.

The rest of the list:

College Station -- $305
Alice -- $305
Conroe -- $276
Mesquite -- $275
Garland -- $274
Kerrville & Shenadoah -- $272
Lewisville -- $266
Laredo -- $254
New Braunfels -- $253
Brownsville, Houston & Denton -- $250

Not too greedy a showing by the Houston area, although we are the only large city to make the list.

Average fines for talking on a cell in a school zone, by the way, range from $327 in Corpus Christi to $297 in La Porte, among the top ten of the 21 surveyed cities.

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