Spineshank: Nu-Metal Group Saved By Texas' Judicial System

You're big fans of Spineshank, the California nu-metal group, right? Who isn't?

Well, us. But it's only because we haven't heard the albums Self-Destructive Pattern or Strictly Diesel, or the songs "Smothered" and "New Disease." We're sure we'd jump on the Spineshank bandwagon if we did.

But Spineshank deserves love from our area. Because last year, in a dispute over paying for their tour bus, the driver of said tour bus dumped them off in Jersey Village, rode off with their equipment, and eventually locked up that equipment in a storage facility in Beaumont.

What's worse: Being stranded in Jersey Village or having your gear stuck in a Beaumont storage unit for a year?

The Texas judicial system has come to Spineshank's rescue however.

The Southeast Texas Record, vigilant overseer of all Beaumont-area court action, reports that a judge has issued an injunction forcing Tourdog (that was the bus operator) to give the equipment back to Spineshank.

"Tthe court holds the defendants Tourdog ... henceforth have no legal right to hold plaintiff's equipment," wrote judge Gary Sanderson, in what we're guessing is his only case to feature parties with names like Tourdog and Spineshank.

A glimpse of the hard life of the rock and roll road:

In his suit, [Spineshank member] Mike Sarkisyan claims Mabry seemed to be fine with the partial payments until May 29, 2009, when he refused to transport members of Spineshank any further and evicted them from the bus.

Eventually, band members were kicked off the bus at Jersey Village in Harris County, and, in spite of their pleas, Mabry refused to allow them to take their equipment, driving away with the band's livelihood.

There's a song in this somewhere.

Maybe this one:

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