Spring-Area Teenager Shows How Not to 'Cop-Watch'

Thanks to the most brilliant plot known to man, a Spring-area teenager is behind bars after allegedly calling 911 with fake emergencies and then screwing with the cops when they showed up.

Eighteen-year-old Tony Ybarra was arrested December 6, accused of calling in two separate fake reports of suspicious drug activity near Cypresswood and Holzwarth in north Houston in order to gain some YouTube fame.

Deputies say Ybarra placed the first call to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office to report suspicious drug activity taking place behind Walgreens near Cypresswood and Holzwarth in north Houston, and provided a description of a man.

When officers responded, they found only Ybarra standing at the rear of the Walgreens, and he just so happened to fit the exact description of the man he called in, according to the officers.

Police say that the emo-haired Ybarra then refused to answer any questions about why he was back there, and also refused to show ID to the officers.

Deputies say he appeared to be trying to antagonize the officers while recording the interaction with his cell phone.

The deputies investigated the area behind Walgreens and determined that there was no drug activity actually taking place, and told Ybarra to leave the Walgreens parking lot.

But another call was placed to the constable's office shortly after, and from the same number, and the caller just so happened to be reporting a crime that was pretty darn similar to the first one.

At that point, the deputies decided that it was Ybarra trying to antagonize the officers into a confrontation, and they again responded. This time, though, deputies found Ybarra behind a Bullritos on 45 north, where they say he was smoking tobacco out of a weed pipe. Yep.

And, of course, Ybarra was again confrontational with the deputies while trying to record the entire thing with his cell phone, according to the officers. Deputies now believe the teen was taping the incidents to post on YouTube. Freakin' YouTube, man.

The teen was arrested after the second time and faces a charge of calling in a false report. He's being held in Harris County Jail on $5,000 bond, and is probably really, really wishing for some hair gel. And maybe some My Chemical Romance.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.