Weather Weekend: The Smoke Clears for Some Nice Weather

Hopefully, we'll begin to see a decline in pollen counts early next week.
Hopefully, we'll begin to see a decline in pollen counts early next week. Photo by Alastair Vance via Flickr
If you don't count the massive black cloud of chemical-laden smoke hovering over the entire city the past few days, the weather in Houston has been fantastic. Spring has certainly sprung and we are experiencing the effects with dry, mild days and cool nights.

Fortunately for us, the ITC fire is out and that means we hope we can actually enjoy being outside instead of constantly looking up and wondering why we didn't buy an air quality monitor. *Update 6:30 a.m. Thursday: Probably an optimistic hope since thanks to rising benzene levels ITC has just issued another shelter in place and area schools are closed.

Thursday and Friday should be roughly identical with highs in the mid to upper 70s under sunny skies with relatively low humidity. As it draws later in the day Friday, winds will begin to shift back out of the south and humidity will build in ahead of the weekend.

Saturday looks to be rather cloudy with about a 40 percent chance of mainly morning rain. We're not talking about heavy showers, but rather some very light rain, particularly closer to the coast, associated with some offshore disturbances. The cloud cover will keep temperatures in the lower 70s and lows won't get much below 60 degrees with the added humidity.

Sunday looks a bit better with times of sunshine and clouds. There is still a decent chance of light rain, but only very slight. Temperatures should climb back into the mid 70s.

Whatever rain we get should help to clear out some of the pollen as well. It has been absolutely brutal lately, but should begin to decline finally. There could be some stronger storms on Monday ahead of another front. If so, that could really help allergy sufferers. More on that Monday morning.
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