A sad but familiar sight this time of year, pollen abounds in this cool dry air.
A sad but familiar sight this time of year, pollen abounds in this cool dry air.
Photo by Alastair Vance via Flickr

Weather Weekend: Spring Break Should Come to a Dreary End

Have you just loved this weather? Especially if you've had the week off? What about the pollen? Well, as Meatloaf said, "Two outta three ain't bad." The weather this week has been absolutely stunning and should remain the same through Thursday. Then, things, as always, change.

It has been a bit chilly for a normal spring break around these parts. Temperatures have hovered around 70 degrees most days. Galveston beach water has clocked in at a very nippy 66 degrees all week. This isn't exactly swimsuit weather yet. But, there has been ample sunshine to go with that heavy dusting of pollen.

By Friday, one of a couple of cool fronts will approach the area (neither is likely to push through) bringing with it some chances of rain and generally cloudy conditions, especially later in the day. Unfortunately, clouds and the occasional shower will persist through the entire weekend.

Additionally, it will be significantly warmer and more humid than the last few days. Lows will be in the 60s instead of the upper 40s and highs will reach into the low and mid 80s with much higher humidity. Heavy rain isn't expected, but there should be a few decent sized showers around mixed with drizzle and generally dreary conditions. The good news is any rain we get will help wash away some of that pollen. The bad news: it won't fix your allergies.

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