Spring Cleaning: Let the Sheriff's Office Help You Shred Your Documents

It's almost April. The air is warm with the hint of summer weather to come. Birds are chirping. Trees are blooming and that annual rite of passage is upon us: spring cleaning. For most of us, that means cleaning up around the house, maybe gardening a bit or even taking those boxes full of empty bottles and cans to the recycling center.

For others, however, it means shredding documents and lots of them. For example, if you have several offshore accounts that might catch the eye of Uncle Sam come tax time, better ditch that paper trail, and who better to do it for you than the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The HCSO and Shred-It, a document shredding company, will provide this service free of charge on Saturday, March 26, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Harris County Court Annex located at 7900 Will Clayton Parkway in Humble.

Sure, identity theft is a big problem and old paperwork could give would-be grifters a peek at your personal finances and the ability to destroy your credit. Of course, after one of the worst recessions in the nation's history, your credit is probably already shot, so take the opportunity to destroy other things like credit card receipts for online gambling you don't want your wife to see, or your will, now that you've realized what an ungrateful lot those kids of yours really are.

As for Hair Balls, we'll be bringing a boatload of old Playboy magazines, but we're only shredding the articles.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.