Spring Training: Milo Hamilton, Harry Caray, Drayton McLane, Roger Clemens and Ria Cortesio

Just taking a little time here for some quick spring training notes….

Did you know the Astros acquired a new shortstop the other day? I must have missed it, but according to Milo Hamilton, some guy named Miguel Te-HAY-da was playing at short for the Astros yesterday. Sure, that Miguel Te-HAH-da guy might be going to jail at some point, but I didn’t think the Astros would give up on him so soon.

If anyone knows, Milo knows. And I’m not going to argue with Milo about how say to a player’s name, expect when he says the damn name wrong time after time. He also was unable to pronounce the names of Detroit Tigers Carlos Guillen and Placido Polanco.

Really, people, isn’t about the time the Astros retired Milo? It was one thing when Harry Caray butchered everyone’s name. First, Caray was usually drunk. Second, Caray was funny when he did it. Milo’s just sad.

But since Caray’s dead, maybe we can get Will Ferrell to take over for Milo.

But Milo’s not the only problem with the Astros radio guys. I’m not sure who worked with Milo yesterday, but whoever it was should, at some point, learn a little about the Florida baseball teams. The guy mentioned how it was funny that the Astros were going to be playing Tampa in St. Petersburg. The problem with this is that the Tampa franchise is called the Tampa Bay Rays, not the Tampa Rays, and the Tampa Bay region encompasses both Tampa and St. Petersburg. Now, if the Rays were just the Tampa Rays, then it would be kind of strange if they were playing a game in St. Pete, but as they’re in Tampa Bay, it’s not a big deal. Not as big a deal as the New York Giants/Jets actually playing in New Jersey, or the Los Angeles Angels playing in Anaheim. Or the Washington Redskins playing in Maryland, or the Dallas Cowboys playing in Irving (or soon to be, Arlington).

And I couldn’t help but notice that Drayton McLane’s a little pissed at Congress for wasting time and money by investigating Roger Clemens. A couple of things. First, I don’t remember Drayton bitching a couple of years ago when Congress was investigating Palmeiro and Sosa and McGwire. Second, you know, I’ve been a little pissed about Congress wasting money on this, but you know something, since my damn tax money paid for that damn monstrosity known as MMP, then maybe the Feds have the right to investigate. After all, it’s not like MLB handled this issue on its own.

Finally, I just want to link this interview with my friend Ria Cortesio. Some of you may remember that I wrote about Ria around this time last year, when she became the first woman since the late 1980s to umpire a game between two major league teams. Ria’s no longer an umpire, but the Hall of Fame talked to her anyway, and I thought the interview was pretty good.

Good luck with whatever you do next, Ria. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.