Springwoods Village: Creepiest, Eeriest Development Ever?

The local real estate world was buzzing yesterday with the announcement of Springwoods, a multi-use green community with yadda, yadda, yadda. To us it was just another development up by The Woodlands.

Today, though, we actually saw some of the artist's renderings and we have to say: We're creeped out.

Illustrations by DesignWorkshop

We don't claim to be experts on this type of thing, but is showing a woman frantically trying to escape from an attacker really the way to go when selling a new development? (Not to mention Snorkeling Dude on the left, and weirdly lit Intensely Reading Woman In Oddly Checkered Coat.)

That girl and the dog in the lower right -- they can only be contemplating a dismal suicide pact. Or not even contemplating -- they're putting that thing into action. Even as silent hovercars glide past on the most forlorn road of all.

"Hi, yeah, it's me. Oh, nothing much. Just doing a bit of female-to-male cross-dressing. What's up with you?"

Molly Smith, a spokesperson for the development, tells Hair Balls the above illustrations are "just renderings" and the official concept maps and illustrations are here.

And those official illustrations are nice, but we kinda prefer these Village of the Damned ones.

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