Spurs' Stephen Jackson: His Three Best/Worst Quotes About Port Arthur in Grantland Piece

Stephen Jackson is getting known as a quote machine as he and his fellow San Antonio Spurs struggle to survive in the NBA Western Conference finals.

He's the subject of a piece in Grantland, the Web site devoted to long-form sports journalism. In it he talks a bit about growing up in Port Arthur, and, while he says he loved it, the local visitors bureau won't be rushing to publicize many of his quotes. Such as:

3. On the many convenient shopping opportunites: "How easy is it to buy a gun in Port Arthur? As easy as it is buying candy."

Most Some people live honestly

"Now, there's one high school. When I was there, there were two high schools. There's one main street, eight sets of low-income housing. Everybody knows everybody. Sixty percent of everybody is doing the same thing, selling drugs, gang-banging. And the other 40 percent are people working hard, trying to make an honest living, churchgoing people. The opportunity to make it out is very slim. There's been a million basketball players to come out of there and I'm the second one to make it to the NBA. It's a hellhole."

1. Port Arthur: Home to many chuckle-filled memories of youth:

He remembers shooting dice in a friend's backyard when several rounds of gunfire erupted from in front of the house. When Jackson relayed the story to a friend a couple of days later, the friend responded, "Really? That was some of my people going to shoot some guys they had beef with. They probably didn't know you were over there."

Hey, and he didn't even mention the Museum of the Gulf Coast!

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