Standing Up For Jenna Bush's Dignity

There's a new

"reader representative"

at the

Houston Chronicle

-- Jim Newkirk, who's been at the


and the old


for many years.

His predecessor (save for an interim), James Campbell, was not exactly known for sticking his neck out on matters.

Newkirk, however, has weighed in on an important matter and found that the readers are right!!

About something utterly inane, silly, and the epitome of a mountain made out of a molehill.

The Chron's Style section did a story Wednesday about presidential kids. The layout featured photos of the Obamas, a braces-wearing Chelsea Clinton, and the famous photo of JFK clapping as John-John and Caroline did a jig in the Oval Office.

And there was a shot of Jenna Bush sticker her tongue out at reporters.

Quel horreur! Apparently.

One reader wrote:

How very typical of the Houston Chronicle to show cutsey pictures of the Kennedy (D) children, warm & fuzzy pictures of the Clinton (D) daughter and a picture of Bush (R) daughter sticking her tongue out at the press. It's a shame the Chronicle couldn't find a picture of the other Bush daughter doing something absurd! I bet you tried.

Yeah, that Chron -- will they ever get off the back of the Bush family?

Newkirk rumbled on about how the other photos in the layout were of young kids, while the tongue-ing Jenna was 23 at the time.

"If the story were about adult children of Presidents who act childish, perhaps the photo would have fit perfectly, but in this case using it raised questions about fairness and rightfully so," he wrote.

To which most people would say WTF? But Newkirk went on to assure the People With Too Much Time On Their Hands that actions have been taken:

"The editors," he wrote, "have been alerted to readers' concerns."

Boy, we're just glad there weren't any really embarrassing photos of Jenna Bush around for the Chron to use.

-- Richard Connelly

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