You know, up close, these things actually look kind of kinky.

Starbucks Makes Nice with Holiday Cups

When I want to be kind to someone, there’s nothing like a practical joke to make him feel good. A buzzer on the hand, a plastic bug in the Chardonnay, a “kick me” sign…it just shows you care. Starbucks and I must be, like, channeling each other, because according to a press release, it’s celebrating “World Kindness Week” (WKW? WTF!) in the following fashion:

“From November 12 through November 18, Starbucks is attaching their signature red Holiday red cups to cars driving around Houston to give Houstonians an opportunity to be Good Samaritans and let someone know their supposedly forgotten Starbucks cup is on top of their car. Little does the Good Samaritan know the cup is magnetic and can’t fall off!” [sic, sic and, um, sic.]

Good Samaritans who approach these Starbucks cars will be rewarded with “cheer passes” -- which sometimes even include a free coffee -- that they are to pass on. Now that’s our kind of kindness! Heartwarming and hilarious.

(Actually, Starbucks, your coffee is good, and it’s nice of you to sponsor those really crowded museum thingies. But maybe lay off the kindness racket.) – Cathy Matusow

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