Starbucks, We Hardly Knew Ye

Houston is absolutely kicking ass...when it comes to how many Starbucks are closing in town.

The company's newly updated list shows 11 of the coffee places being shuttered, far more than most cities.

Chicago, for instance, will only lose five stores.

Which Houston-area stores are gone?

Downtown, there's Dallas & Main and Preston & Fannin. In the Medical Center, the one at Fannin & MacGregor.

Elsewhere, the one near the 59 Diner on Shepherd between Richmond and 59; two on the far west side, at Westheimer & Briargreen and Bellaire Boulevard & Wilcrest; and three up north, at the Deebrook Mall, the North Freeway near the Tidwell exit and the Tomball Parkway & Antoine. Finally, two on 59 in Rosenberg will close. (Rosenberg needed two? What does it think it is, the intersection of Gray & Shepherd?)

Houston didn't get hit as hard as the Dallas-Fort Worth area, partly because the Dallas-Fort Worth area includes such a big geographic area filled with suburbs dying to be upscale, sophisticated places that would have a Starbucks.

By our count we come up with 29 Metroplex closures, depending on how you define Metroplex.

-- Richard Connelly

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