State Board Of Education Right-Wingers Remove The Word "Capitalism" From Textbooks

If your mind, heart and stomach can stand it, you should be regularly checking in today with the live-blogging of the State Board of Education meeting that the Texas Freedom Network is doing.

The board is debating what should and should not be included in social-studies texts, and, as always, things are bizarre.

They've decided to delete a reference to Thomas Jefferson and substitute Thomas Aquinas in a discussion of the Enlightenment, either because a) T-Jeff didn't know shit about the Enlightenment, or b) He was a nasty Deist.

Even better is the discussion about whether the current standard should be kept that describes the U.S. economic system as "free enterprise (capitalist, free market)."

Board conservatives want the description to simply read "free enterprise."

Because "capitalism" is apparently a commie term.

Reports TFN:

But [Ken] Mercer and his allies on the board have this bizarre fetish with the words "free enterprise" over all others. Terri Leo: "I do think words mean things. . . . I see no reason, frankly, to compromise with liberal professors from academia." The woman is shameless. How dare she attack someone whose politics she doesn't even know.

No compromise with liberal professors!! Especially the ones from academia!! Those ones are the worst!!

Board member Pat Hardy, TFN says, noted "that the scholar who recommended that 'capitalism' and 'free market' be used in the standards teaches at Texas A&M and is a Republican. He is 'not some kind of crazy liberal,' she says."

But still, A&M is considered part of academia, right? Or at least close to it?

The motion to drop "capitalism" and "free market" passed.

"This is so stupid it makes our head hurt," TFN notes.

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