State Rep Debbie Riddle's Magnum Opus (Of 96 Pages)

Debbie Riddle, the state rep from Tomball who camped out in order to pre-file an Arizona-like immigration bill, and who is one of a triumvirate of Texas politicians to look utterly foolish being interviewed on CNN, has become a published author.

Taking Back Your Country, Your Community and Your Kids is out as of today via Lulu, an online self-publishing outfit.

Says the promotional info: "As a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of ten, [Riddle] frequently steps away from her kitchen and into the capitol with the greatest of ease to pass landmark legislation.'"

The promotional copy seems determined to point out that this 96-page book is easy to read.

It doesn't just hint at it: "Texas State Representative Riddle has crafted an easy to read book that gives a practical road map for anyone who chooses to make a difference in their country and community."

Later we're informed of the book's "simple conversational style."

Here is the foreword, apparently in toto:

The heart and soul of our country is in the middle of a spiritual battle. Our very foundation is being crushed to determine if we will stand the test of time. This battle is unlike any battle we have ever fought. And this battle must be won.

This book is for the soccer mom who is outraged over the recent changes to her son's history book. This book is for the father who is in danger of losing his job and fears for the future of his family. This book is for the college student who has become awakened to the deadly consequences of our current policies.

This book was written for YOU. It doesn't matter if you have never been involved in politics or if you've been in the center ring for twenty-five years. I thought I knew it all. You might think that too. But regardless of where you are with your political activity, this book will help you reach greater heights in the political world and make a lasting and profound difference.

"[T]his book will help you reach greater heights in the political world and make a lasting and profound difference." All in 96 pages!!

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