State Rep Wants To Break Up Houston & Dallas School Districts

Everyone knows the Houston school district has some problems -- it's an urban school district, after all.

But it's got nothing on the problems going on in Dallas. Investigations, a budget shortfall, vicious and public fighting between board members, parent groups, administration officials, it's a mess.

So one Dallas state rep wants to dismantle it. The problem is, her bill would also dismantle Houston ISD.

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Yvonne Davis, a Democrat from Dallas, has had enough of the hijinks in DISD. She's filed a bill that mandates the splitting up of any Texas  school district that serves more than 150,000 students in a county of more than 2 million people.

Just two districts fit that description.

Supporters of the idea say that smaller districts would provide better oversight and service to students and parents, and that districts like DISD and HISD have just gotten too big to handle their problems.

HISD offices are closed for Spring Break, so we can't get their reaction to this bill, which just about everyone considers the longest of long shots.

But we're guessing "unbridled enthusiasm" would not be the response.

Update: HISD's Norm Uhl says simply, "We would be against it and it probably won't get anywhere."

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