Statewide Smoking Ban For Bars: Coming Soon?

It's been tried before, but this time there may be some possibility of a statewide smoking ban in Texas.

Two bills address the subject, (one by Houston's Rodney Ellis) and the Texas Restaurant Association has announced it can support a ban.

Although the TRA says it has "some concerns" with the bills, it is not fighting a ban:

The Texas Restaurant Association Board of Directors voted to support the statewide smoking ban that would level the playing field and reduce the confusion arising from the variety of bans currently enacted at the local level. While this issue has long been a contentious one, TRA believes that applying a smoking ban across all workplaces and all jurisdictions, is the only equitable solution to a growing social concern.

What seems to be the biggest concern is ensuring that a ban is enforced on everyone.


"If it's strict, and everybody has to comply with it hard core, we'll all get by," one bar owner recently told the Dallas Morning News. "If there are gray areas where some of our competitors can still smoke, that's what will kill us."

Here's our take on the matter, back when Houston was implementing a ban.

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