Step One: Never Use Your Turn Signals

To help Houston's 106,000 Katrina evacuees find a job, the Community Settlement Network has utilized that great tool that allows folks to show-off their X-rated Street Fighter overdubs.

Think Like a Houstonian, now posted on YouTube, is an eight-minute educational video in which two Katrina survivors help other evacuees find work. The title is a bit misleading, as the only nugget of street smart wisdom is that Metro probably won't take you where you need to go in time. Between dumb jokes (apparently New Orleans natives will mistake any bald, black man in a suit for Ray Nagin), the video shells out advice that falls under the category of "Thanks Sherlock, I would have never thought of that myself"

Evacuee #1 suggests that you "write down your name, address and phone number on an index card. It's also a good idea to write down the names and addresses of your former employers. A good description of the job duties you performed would be a good idea also."

Evacuee #2 chimes in with this bit of sage-like advice, "Bring this index card with you; you're going to be filling in a lot of applications."

Nice to know that the Settlement Network, which combines the brainpower of the Texas Workforce Collation, the City of Houston and Neighborhood Centers, Inc., is about as helpful as a high school guidance counselor. -- Nick Keppler

You can check out the video after the jump...

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