Stephen Colbert Testifies In Front Of Sheila Jackson Lee And Ted Poe

Sheila Jackson Lee and Ted Poe were props today in the terrific Stephen Colbert performance at a House hearing.

(How terrific was it? GOP House members and Fox News are outraged, OUTRAGED, that such a cheap stunt has sullied the honored floor of the U.S. Congressszzzzzzzz.)

Houston's Sheila Jackson Lee and Ted Poe were on the panel. Neither exactly shone.

Jackson Lee pronounced the witness' name as Colbert with a hard "t", which is not surprising since she seemed utterly unaware of his background. Poe essentially ignored the comedian, as far as we can tell. (The C-SPAN video is glitchy at that point.)

Jackson Lee, or a staffer, did tweet this morning "Hearing on migrant farm workers this morning...Testimony from #Colbert. There's never a dull moment on the Hill," so maybe she knows who Colbert is but doesn't care how he pronounces his name.

If you're interested, the testimony is here in a way where you can click on whoever you want to hear question Colbert.

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