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Steroids and Clemens: Roger Dodges Congress, Throws Debbie Under the Bus

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A few observations from the two-hour mark of the Clemens/McNamee cage match.

First, I would really like to know when Debbie Clemens is filing for divorce since Rocket's pretty much thrown her under the bus. He claims she did use HGH in 2003. That McNamee did the injections, and that when Pettitte claimed Rocket used the HGH, Rocket really said he meant Debbie.

I also need to go back to my Occam's Razor theory. Brian McNamee said he injected three players with steroids and/or HGH. Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch confessed and admitted that McNamee did give them such injections. So, that said, why would McNamee tell the truth about those two, but lie about Roger Clemens? It just doesn't make sense.

Roger Clemens, no matter how hard the Republicans try to salvage things, is toast. It no longer matter what Brian McNamee says. Brian McNamee's credibility no longer matters. That's because of the guy who is absent.

Andy Pettitte says the Rocket admitted to using HGH in either 1999 or 2000. And try as he might, Rocket is unable to shake that statement.

It's also pretty damn obvious, so far, that this has become a matter of party affiliation. For some reason it seems to be split down party lines with the Dems attacking Rocket and the GOPers riding to his defense.

Committee Chair Henry Waxman (D. CA) made it clear that the only reason they're holding these hearings is that Rusty Hardin insisted that these hearings be held. So, once again, great work, Rusty. Waxman also stated at one point that Clemens "made statements we know are untrue."

The main contradiction is that Pettitte testified that the initial Clemens confession was in 1999 or 2000. Clemens claimed that Debbie got the HGH in 2003. Pettitte once again asked Rocket about the HGH in 2005, but Rocket claimed that Pettitte misheard him, that he was talking about Debbie using HGH, which could not be possible unless there was a time-traveling Delorean involved. The Congressional investigators then talked to Laura Pettitte, the wife of Andy, who swore out an affidavit that Andy spoke of her about this conversation in 1999 or 2000.

Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) repeatedly reminded Rocket he was under oath and threw Pettitte's statements at him time after time after time. Clemens explains that Pettitte "misremembers our conversation" and states it had something to do about a TV show about older men. But Rocket also says that Pettitte has no reason to fabricate anything about Rocket.

John Tierney (D-MA) tears Rocket a new one when he asks Rocket about three times early in his depo if he ever, at any point in time, discussed HGH with McNamee. Tierney then nails Clemens with the Debbie Clemens matter in which Rocket admitted later in the depo that he discussed HGH twice with McNamee.

After Dan Burton (R-ID) makes an ass of himself -- more on that later, Tom Lynch (D-MA) then comes out with an MRI of Clemens from an injury in which Tierney claims there is evidence of Rocket steroid use -- this is when Lanny Breuer rises from his seat and asks to address the committee, only to be told to sit his ass down. One of the GOPers on the panel comes out with another version of this MRI in which Rocket didn't use the steroids.

Now for Mr. Burton. Mr. Burton can't believe anyone would dare to question the great Clemens and goes on at a loud volume about what a liar McNamee is and wants to know how it is Rocket is ever going to recover his reputation.

The humor, and my anger, from this is simple: Mr. Burton was that prick from the Whitewater days who decided to recreate Vince Foster's suicide in his backyard, and from that came to the conclusion, which he had one of his committee's investigate, that Foster was instead murdered and that Hillary Clinton was responsible. So, tell you what, asshole, why don't you first rehabilitate Mrs. Clinton's reputation before you worry about Rocket?

And finally, the GOPers keep throwing Canseco's party at McNamee, and say that McNamee can't be believed because of that. But it doesn't matter because of Pettitte's statements and the rep from MLB who is there say it doesn't matter. And it doesn't matter because of the evidence.

Occam's Razor, people. Occam's Razor. I'll have more later. – John Royal

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