Steroids and Roger Clemens: Andy Pettitte, Brian McNamee, Jim Murray and a Whole Lot of Suspense

Holy shit. If this news story is to be believed, which means that Brian McNamee’s attorney is to be believed, then when Andy Pettitte appears before Congress, he’s going to have something really interesting to say.

Like that he and Roger Clemens discussed using HGH. Like that the discussion was at Clemens’s house. That following this discussion Pettitte then discussed HGH with McNamee, who advised Pettitte not to use HGH. Like that Pettitte and McNamee talked about Clemens’s HGH use.

Holy shit.

Now Pettitte’s attorney was contacted about this, and the attorney refused to comment on anything that Pettitte will be telling Congress. So this could all be a gigantic bluff of some kind. Or this could be the end for Brian McNamee. Or this could be the fallout from Clemens pissing off Pettitte.

Also of possible interest is that Jim Murray, the agent referenced in the Clemens-McNamee phone conversation, has lawyered up and been asked to meet with Congressional investigators.

Remember, Pettitte and Clemens are supposed to be meeting with Congressional investigators next week, with testimony in front of Congress currently scheduled for February 13. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.