Steroids and Roger Clemens: As Barry Bonds Goes, So Goes the Rocket?

I’m wondering if Rocket and his associates saw the latest news from Barry Bonds World last week. The news isn’t so much about Bonds as it’s about Greg Anderson, Bonds’ former trainer, the guy who went to jail for 13 months rather than testify to a grand jury about Bonds. And it seems that now the Feds have decided to target Anderson’s wife, making her the focus of an investigation into whether she conspired to commit a crime

against the federal government


The legal experts in the article contend that the Feds really don’t care about Anderson’s wife, and that they’re just using her to get him to talk. This tactic is often used against significant others in high-profile investigations as a means of gaining leverage and making the actual desired witness or defendant testify.

So I could easily see the Feds, if Team Rocket keeps up with their current strategy, sending Mrs. Rocket a nice little letter, saying she’s a target of a federal investigation for conspiring to commit a crime against the Feds. After all, Mrs. Rocket did illegally use HGH, which is a federal crime.

I can see the Feds using this same device against several parties in this matter, like the ex-Mrs. Canseco, or the nanny, or Mindy. But frankly, from what I’ve seen, I just don’t think Rocket cares about anybody but himself, and it seems the only thing he cares about is his reputation, and that he doesn’t care about anybody else’s.

And this whole thing makes me question just what it is that Rocket did to Brian McNamee. Because I just finished reading Game of Shadows, about the whole BALCO/Barry Bonds matter, and I don’t understand why Anderson hasn’t talked.

Bonds treated this guy like crap. Having him go on stupid errands and demanding his presence at all times of the day and night. And the Feds even have Anderson on tape stating that he gave steroids and HGH to Bonds. Yet the guy won’t talk about Bonds.

So if Bonds can treat someone as badly as he did Anderson, and Anderson won’t give him up, just what is it that Rocket did to McNamee that had McNamee give him up so easily? But I guess that’s a question for another day.

Right now, let’s just hope Team Rocket is paying attention to what’s going on with Team Bonds. Because if the Bonds matter eventually ends in the favor of the Feds, you can be sure they’ll be trotting out the same playbook to use against Team Rocket. – John Royal

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