Steroids and Roger Clemens: Intentional Emotional Harm Goes Both Ways

Things have been quiet on the Team Rocket front lately. They were even rather quiet when the bimbo eruptions first hit. They were so quiet you might have thought Team Rocket was coming to its senses and was trying to find away to get out of this whole lawsuit business before anything else could happen.

Well, you might have thought wrong. Because last night, Team Rocket struck again, this time by adding another claim to his defamation suit against Brian McNamee. The claim being the intentional infliction of emotional harm.

Team Rocket’s statement says the claim was added because “that’s what McNamee has done, he has intentionally taken a shot at Roger Clemens.”

Now, if I was Team Rocket, I don’t think I would have brought this claim. First, if the defamation suit is not dismissed, I can see Team McNamee bringing its own suit for intentional infliction of emotional harm and citing the playing of the secretly recorded phone call, the continuous statements to the press that Brian McNamee is a rapist and a drug dealer, and the continued all-around attacks on McNamee’s character.

Team Rocket should also be reminded that Andy Pettitte is a witness for both parties in this case, and that Rocket’s in part of his trouble because Pettitte wouldn’t lie for him, and Pettitte wouldn’t lie for Rocket partly because Pettitte didn’t like Team Rocket’s treatment of McNamee. Team Rocket also needs to remember that should Pettitte file an objection to Rusty Hardin representing Rocket in this matter, that the judge has pretty much said that he will remove Hardin from the case.

But finally, if I was Team Rocket, I would not have filed this, and I would have remained silent, because every time Team Rocket shoots off its mouth, something ever more damaging happens. Like witness tampering. Or the exposure of Mrs. Rocket as an HGH user. Or Andy Pettitte calling Rocket a liar. Or allegations of pedophilia. Or allegations of Rocket having a woman stashed at every ballpark.

Quit now, Rocket, before your reputation is destroyed even more. After all, just because it’s bad now doesn’t mean it can’t get worse. Lots worse. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.