Steroids and Roger Clemens: Lanny Breuer's On Deck

This is just pathetic. Rusty Hardin’s defense of Roger Clemens is so damn crappy that Hardin is now trumpeting the fact that he found a process server who was so incompetent that he couldn’t serve lawsuit papers on Brian McNamee. Rusty, I know you mainly handle drunks and spousal abusers and that you’re probably not that up on the whole civil court system, but most civil attorneys don’t brag about their failure to serve papers on a defendant. It’s something they keep quiet because it tends to make them look bad in front of the client.

And Rusty, seeing as how Rocket just engaged the services of Lanny Breuer, one of Bill Clinton’s attorneys during that impeachment thing (in other words, someone competent and used to dealing with Congress), I’d start worrying about whether your latest meal ticket is going to dump you before you have the chance to get the optimum publicity.

Rocket’s real problem is that he’s doing this on his own and hasn’t called Drayton McLane, because as my pal Jose de Jesus Ortiz tells me, McLane’s a powerful man who knows people. But until he does that, Breuer might work. It’s certainly a huge improvement over his current counsel. – John Royal

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