Steroids and Roger Clemens: Long Road Ahead

It just doesn’t stop. Roger Clemens news, that it is.

It was strange enough last week, when Brian McNamee said he gave Mrs. Roger Clemens shots of HGH before she was photographed in a bikini for Sports Illustrated in 2003. But now there are a couple of different revelations.

First is the fact that Roger Clemens is depending on Jose Canseco to be one of his alibis. Brian McNamee supposedly has Andy Pettitte, but Clemens has Canseco. Or, more specifically, Clemens supposedly has an affidavit from Canseco in which Canseco states that Roger Clemens was not at a party in 1998 where steroids were discussed. This is important because it is one of the cornerstones of McNamee’s story.

Rusty Hardin is trumpeting Canseco as his ace in the hole. Which is all well and good regarding the party – though McNamee’s attorneys aren’t backing down from the party story – but this doesn’t prove that Clemens is clean, and Hardin must not have read all of Canseco’s book, because Canseco did finger Clemens as a steroid user.

But that’s not my favorite item of the weekend. My favorite thing involves, of course, Rusty Hardin – and why Clemens hasn’t fired his ass, I just can’t understand. Hardin, unable to shut his mouth, told the New York Times on Saturday that if Jeff Novitzky, the IRS agent responsible for bringing down BALCO, Marion Jones and Barry Bonds, attended the hearings on Wednesday, it would not be pretty: “I can tell you this: If he ever messes with Roger, Roger will eat his lunch.”

This prompted Henry Waxman, the chairman of the committee before which Clemens will be appearing, to send Hardin a letter telling Hardin to back off or else he would be accused of threatening a federal agent.

If the IRS isn’t already after Hardin and Clemens because of Hardin accusing the IRS of targeting Clemens, then the IRS will surely be after them now. And I’m pretty confident of this: if Barry Bonds couldn’t eat Novitzky for lunch, there’s no way in hell Clemens will be able to do accomplish it.

And why do I not think this is going to be going away anytime soon? – John Royal

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