Steroids and Roger Clemens: Looks Like Two More Ladies Might've Taken a Ride on the Rocket

Just when you think things are beginning to die down in Rocketland, something else happens.

While stating that his daughter admitted to the affair with Rocket because she is trying to re-launch her career, Mindy McCready's dad did confirm that the two had a sexual relationship, but only after she was an adult.

Now, this news comes from that shining beacon of journalism known as the New York Post, which kind of makes the National Enquirer look like a reputable news service. That said, the Post also states that it has received evidence of two other Rocket affairs.

One name the paper will give is that of Angela Moyers, who was a New York bartender Rocket met when she lived in Houston. The Post also tells us that Rocket paid for her housing in Houston -- Moyers was reached by the Post, and she issued a no comment. The other woman has not been contacted, but apparently lives in Tampa, and Rocket supposedly lavished her with expensive gifts and flew her about the country by way of private jet.

It's beginning to look like Rocket has just been too tempted by the fruit of another, and now the truth is discovered.John Royal

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