Steroids and Roger Clemens: Richard Justice and Jon Heyman Join the Party (Which, Regretfully, Is Not at Jose Canseco’s House)

Richard Connelly has noted how the Daily News called out the Chron as Rocket's house organ. But is on the Chron's case as well, and the writer, Jon Heyman, made note of some misleading writing in the Chron’s Rocket apology story: "The Chronicle apparently was trying to bolster Clemens by saying the report came in a 'tabloid' rather than crediting the Daily News, and leaving the reader to wonder whether it could be The National Enquirer."

But to me, what's more interesting is the civil war that appears to be erupting within the Chron sports department. It's not often the Chron writers attack each other in public, but this morning, Richard Justice called out the media toadies who are asking us to lay off Clemens by stating that Rocket brought this all on himself, and noted that these toadies are trying to "not let the facts get in the way of continuing to suck up to the Rocket and Rusty."

And while Justice didn't mention anyone in particular, anyone who reads the Chron’s sports blogs would know who fits the description perfectly: Jose de Jesus Ortiz, my favorite Chron beat writer. In his blog yesterday, Ortiz regaled us with his tale of attending Mass and praying for Rocket, and then pleaded for all of us to pray for Clemens and to leave him alone.

Now, I haven't heard any sounds of warfare coming from the Chron, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the various factions getting into battle formations in time for tomorrow night's Astros game. – John Royal

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