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Steroids and Roger Clemens: The Game Is Afoot

So, I see Rocket is going after the real killers, oops, I mean, he’s

searching for the people

who didn’t testify for the Mitchell Report who should’ve testified for the Mitchell Report, i.e. anyone who will say Rocket is innocent.

Hey, Rocket, I know just the place to start. According to the Mitchell Report, a certain multi-Cy Young award winning pitcher was asked to speak to George Mitchell in order to refute allegations of steroid and HGH use, but this certain multi-Cy Young award winning pitcher refused to speak to Mr. Mitchell.

And just who was this pitcher? Why, it was one Roger Clemens. That’s right, Rocket is paying his attorneys to go out and find him someone to offer the testimony he should’ve given to George Mitchell himself.

I don’t even think O.J. Simpson was this brazen. I mean, Rusty Hardin is even comparing George Mitchell and this report to Senator Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare.

He’s kidding me, right? He’s trying to equate Clemens being called a steroid user to someone being called a communist? I don’t know, if George Mitchell had started a witch-hunt and accused anyone anti-George Bush of being a terrorist cohort of Osama Bin Laden, then Hardin might have a point, but equating steroids with the Red Scare is obscene. I suppose that, if Clemens were to be banned because of this, Hardin would equate this with being shipped off to a Nazi concentration camp.

I can’t help thinking that maybe Anna Nicole had the right idea about Rusty Hardin. And he can take Rocket with him. – John Royal

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