Steroids and Roger Clemens: The Soap Opera Continues...

Things have been quiet on the Rocket/steroid front lately. But things change.

As some of you might remember, Roger Clemens has filed a defamation suit against Brian McNamee, claiming that McNamee's statements to George Mitchell were lies. McNamee's attorneys have countered that the statements are true - which is a defense to defamation - and they have also countered that McNamee's statements are immune from a defamation suit because he was forced to cooperate by way of the federal steroid investigation.

Rocket's attorneys called bull on the coercion argument, noting that McNamee's statements to George Mitchell were part of a private investigation, not part of a federal investigation, thus the statements can't be immune. And there is a logic to that argument. Or, there was a logic to that argument as McNamee's attorneys have now produced affidavits from federal prosecutors stating that they threatened McNamee with criminal prosecution unless he cooperated with George Mitchell.

If so, then McNamee's cooperation with George Mitchell was probably coerced by the Feds, making him immune from a defamation claim.

And on a darker note, the sad case of former Rocket companion Mindy McCready took another sad turn yesterday as she apparently attempted suicide.

-- John Royal

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