Steroids, Roger Clemens and Mindy McCready: It’s Getting Shakespearian Up in Here

I thought Rusty Hardin’s initial comments yesterday regarding the latest Rocket fiasco were rather subdued for Rusty Hardin. And they were, because yesterday afternoon, he went on the attack.

“There’s no question in my mind that this is a really filthy smear campaign orchestrated by McNamee’s lawyers clearly intended to do anything they can to ruin Roger’s reputation,” Hardin told the Chron.“I’ll let Roger speak for himself on the matter, but it is clear that the Daily News throughout this entire episode has been the house mouthpiece for McNamee’s lawyers, and this is just one more example.”

My first response is something along the lines of those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be tossing stones, because ever since the Mitchell report came out, Rocket and Rusty have done nothing but attack McNamee. And seeing as how Rusty accused McNamee of rape, I really think Rusty needs to shut up. Especially since Rocket appears to maybe have been involved with a little something called statutory rape.

And Rusty shouldn’t be complaining about the Daily News because he’s had the Chron acting as his own house mouthpiece.

Mindy McCready's mom has confirmed that the two had a relationship, though she says they were only friends. She also encourages everyone to buy her daughter's new album and to watch Mindy's new reality show. But Mindy herself has confirmed that the details of the Daily News story are accurate, including the part about having a sexual relationship.

I’m sure several of you want to know what this has to do with the Rocket and steroids. Well, nothing really. This whole deal goes more toward the defamation suit Rocket filed against McNamee. Well, a defamation suit is basically a chance to repair a reputation that has been unfairly damaged. Rocket’s claiming that McNamee’s “lies” about Rocket and the HGH/steroids have ruined his reputation as an honest family man. But if Rocket were having an affair, things might suddenly change.

But let’s put all of that aside. There are two other issues I really want to get at.

Just what the fuck was Rocket doing hanging out with a 15-year old girl? Friends or no, flying a 15 year old about the country who is not a relative is a little strange. And taking this girl to parties with Monica Lewinsky and Michael Jordan, even if she’s 18, is still kind of wrong, especially since Clemens is married. And I’m beginning to wonder if Debbie Clemens isn’t suffering from battered spouse syndrome. After all, Rocket has had no problem with dragging her reputation through the mud, and the story that he had her showing her assets off to Jose Canseco is almost as disturbing as him hanging out with a 15 year old girl. I really want to know why she hasn’t had a little discussion with Miles Massey.

Which bring us to Brad Ausmus.

Brad, I’m a fan of yours. I always have been. It’s nice having an actual intelligent person around to keep some of the idiots in the clubhouse in line. But I really don’t think you should go about defending Rocket’s behavior. I can tell you’re upset about the smearing of Rocket, but I don’t recall hearing a word from you when Rocket was out there trying to destroy McNamee’s reputation, and according to several of your ex-teammates (Andy Pettitte and C.J. Nitkowski), McNamee’s reputation is very good.

And I’m really tired of you jocks bitching about this being all the media’s fault. The media didn’t make Rocket inject needles in his ass. The media didn’t make Rocket tamper with witnesses. The media didn’t make Rocket have a strange affair with a 15-year-old girl.

I know you guys live in a world where the likes of Jose de Jesus Ortiz go out of there way to offer you protection and to tell your lies, but that’s not how it’s supposed to work. The media is supposed to be exposing lies and telling truths. If you don’t like it, instead of bitching about the media, maybe you should have a word or two with your teammates.

But I can’t wait until the discovery period gets underway with the defamation suit, and I’m just hoping someone will be leaking the deposition testimony of Michael Jordan and Monica Lewinsky – and I’m sure Jordan’s real happy about all of this because there have been lots of stories about his past and I’m sure he wants those dragged out while he’s under oath. I also really want to know if Monica gave Mindy any advice about dress stains. And since Rocket was supposedly out with his Red Sox teammates when he met Mindy, I can’t help but wonder if we might be getting some testimony from noted ladies man Wade Boggs.

Oh, and Rocket, stay the fuck away from my nieces.

Now here’s a little something for those of you like me wondering who in the hell Mindy McCready is.

-- John Royal

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