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Steroids, Roger Clemens, Boob Jobs and Boob Attorneys

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I know you're not going to believe me on this, but really, I want to leave this whole Roger Clemens steroids / HGH thing alone. I'd much rather write about how the Astros are really going to suck this year. But stuff just keeps happening.

Rocket is reporting to Astros minor league camp today to spend a couple of days throwing at the heads of minor leaguers -- including Rocket Son, who he's thrown at in the past. But Rocket has made it clear to Astros officials that he will not be speaking to the media -- I guess Mike Wallace won't be around to ask him softball stuff, though I'm sure Jose de Jesus Ortiz would gladly do the job.

It's kind of shame that Rocket won't be speaking to the media, because there's been some news since he last went on the record. There's the photo of him at the 1998 Canseco Party. There's Rusty Hardin now admitting that Rocket may have been at the party. There's the story that Congress may be requesting a Justice Department investigation of Rocket.

Oh, and today, there's new news. The New York Daily News is reporting that, after the whole Clemens / McNamee Congressional Cage Match a couple of weeks ago, an unnamed major league baseball player (and former Rocket teammate) spoke to investigators and told them that Rocket kept telling the whole clubhouse about the Mrs. Rocket / former-Mrs. Canseco boob job comparison at that Canseco party.

I wonder who the teammate is? Brian McNamee named three who would back him up about the party, and only two of them are still playing -- Chris Carpenter and Woody Williams. Did one of them spill the beans, or is it another teammate who didn't witness the thing but heard Rocket bragging about it to everyone?

So, while it's good to see that Rocket has finally learned to shut his mouth, maybe he should have gone about doing this a decade or so ago.

Oh, and speaking of Rusty Hardin, Brian McNamee's attorneys have filed a motion to have Rusty disqualified as Rocket's attorney in the whole defamation lawsuit thing. Apparently, Rusty also represented Andy Pettitte for a few days after the Mitchell Report came out, and at the same time he representing Rocket. And this would pose a conflict problem for Rusty as Pettitte would probably be a witness in the defamation suit who would be at odds with Rocket. Getting rid of Rusty could be the best thing to happen to Rocket, though it would probably come three months too late to really do Rocket any good.

And on a tangential note: the Senate was preparing to vote on a bill to crack down on HGH use, but apparently, despite supposed bipartisan support and the support of the MLB and the NFL, two Republican senators have placed holds on the bill, which prevents it from coming up for a vote. So I wonder who else Rocket has been signing autographs for? – John Royal

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