Steve Guttenberg, Hero Of Houston

You may remember Steve Guttenberg. You may not, as the former star of Cocoon and Three Men & A Baby is now "appearing in Cinderella as Baron Hard-up at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley," which is in England and isn't exactly considered a step up from starring in Hollywood blockbusters.

But Guttenberg remembers you. Or he remembers Houston, at least.

As part of his publicity wave for the Cinderella gig, he regaled The Times of London with the tale of how he saved a Katrina refugee from being raped in the Astrodome.

As The Times's Alastair Gee puts it:

Days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Steve Guttenberg flew south from his home in New York to help out. The former Hollywood leading man turned up unannounced at the Houston Astrodome, where thousands of refugees had been sent. One night he and another worker were patrolling the stadium when they saw six or seven men drag a woman into a toilet. They ran after them, got into a fight and rescued the woman.

"It was really weird," he says now. "I've got one guy's face in my hand and am pushing him toward the door, and I push him out, and his pal goes: 'Hey, that's the motherf***er from Cocoon.'"

More to the point, it was the motherf***er from Police Academy. All six of them.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.