Steven Christopher Willis: Goes to Help Girlfriend with Car, Somehow Gets Stabbed in Chest

Here's a story that raises some questions: Houston police say Steven Christopher Willis, 23, got a call from his girlfriend Friday night saying her car had broken down.

He went to the site in the 6400 block of West Airport about 9:30 p.m. After that, things get a little confusing.

Here's how HPD describes events:

Willis arrived and discovered his girlfriend attempting to use a paring knife to manipulate the hood release of her vehicle. Willis approached his girlfriend to assist her in her attempts to open the vehicle's hood, which had been damaged from a previous motor vehicle accident and was difficult to open. While assisting his girlfriend in her attempts to gain access to the vehicle's hood, Willis sustained a single puncture wound to the upper chest.

The girlfriend took him to the hospital, "where he underwent emergency surgery to repair a punctured aortic ventricle." He remains in critical condition.

HPD says no charges have been filed, but an investigation is ongoing.

That is one unlucky slip with a knife -- right to the aorta. "It is still unclear how Willis sustained the stab wound." police say.

The Harris County DA's office will determine if any charges should be filed.

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