Steven Cox: This Close to Not Getting Busted with 30 Pounds of Weed

Steven Cox used to be a jailer for Galveston County, but left that job for the greener pastures of working for a Dollar General store.

He's back in the jail business now, but on the other side of the bars. He was arrested for possession of 30 pounds of marijuana in a case where it sounds like he almost got away with nothing but a traffic ticket.

Cox was driving his 2012 Toyota on U.S. 59 near Cleveland last night when a member of the Montgomery County Precinct 4 constable's office noted him weaving and unable to stay in the lane, the Montgomery County Police Reporter says.

No biggie...almost.

"Deputy [Kevin] Cooke determined he was not impaired but apparently distracted with setting a GPS he had on the seat," the MCPR said.


"As Deputy Cooke was issuing a citation Cox became very nervous," the report continues. "He refused consent to search his vehicle. Cooke then deployed his K-9 and as the dog walked around the car the dog jumped through the drivers window and into the back seat attempting to get into the trunk behind the seat."


The dog found two suitcases containing 30 pounds of marijuana. Cox had told the deputy he was headed to Chicago to meet a buddy who'd just graduated from the Great Lakes Naval Academy.

That graduation celebration will be a little less celebratory, it seems.

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