Hotze, et al's, vision of a special legislative session.
Hotze, et al's, vision of a special legislative session.

Steven Hotze and Other Zealots Want to Grease Up for All-Gay Special Session at the Legislature

For Steve "Birth Control Pills Make Women Less Attractive" Hotze and other conservative homophobic activists, the recent legislative session just wasn't gay enough. So Hotze's motley crew of obsessives is calling for a special session to pass legislation to keep certain people who are in love with each other from getting married. 

Texas Monthly ran the letter this group wrote Governor Greg Abbott, imploring him to help ratify legislation consistent with Senate Resolution 1028, defining heterosexual marriage as "the bedrock institution of both our society and the success Texas has been blessed to experience since our admission as the 28th state."  It affirms "preservation of the present definition of marriage as being the legal union of one man and one woman husband and wife, and pledge to uphold and defend this principle that is so dearly held by Texans far and wide." (Just a note — it's held "dearly," but not in a gay way. It's held in a very hetero way, like the way two brahs might half-hug).

As Christopher Hooks noted in the Texas Observer, the resolution "carries exactly as much weight as Senate Resolution 997, recognizing March 26, 2015 as John Wayne Day." But it's a big hairy deal for Hotze, a purveyor of expensive snake oil called "bioidentical hormones" and a supporter of a doctor who injected patients with the distilled essence of jet fuel. In addition to Hotze, the plea was signed by representatives from such impressive sounding organizations as Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Texas Home School Coalition, Texas Values Action, and The Link Letter. Oh, and it's also signed by Houston attorney Jared Woodfill, former chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, and one of the most outspoken opponents of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance. 

For those who might not be on Hotze's subscription list, Hooks did the favor of tweeting a link to the good doctor's latest newsletter, which blames Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and and Senator Joan Huffman for caving in "to the homosexual lobby" and "refused even to give a hearing in the Senate State Affairs Committee" on a bill dubbed "The Preservation of State Sovereignty and Marriage Act." The only cure, then, is a special, all-gay-all-the-time legislative session.

Hotze, a facsimile of a parody of a throwback to the fossilized Angry White Christian Dude who doth protest an awful lot about All Things Gay, wrote that:

The homosexuals are intent on destroying Biblical marriage and throwing our state and nation into sexual and moral anarchy. They are fascists who want to force the acceptance and normalization of the homosexual lifestyle, the practice of sodomy, upon individuals, families, churches, schools and businesses. They want the government to mandate that homosexual conduct to be taught to school children starting in kindergarten. The teachers will encourage the children with homosexual activity so that they can more easily be recruited into the homosexual lifestyle. The homosexuals and their pro-homosexual allies in the media are demonizing Christians and intend to criminalize Biblical Christianity. 

Not on Hotze's watch. Not on the watch of Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, which has a website referencing fisting, young boys, and contains the phrase "lesbian pedophilic rape." These two, along with their cohorts, are doing their best to make sure that Texas defends the sanctity of marriage and does not cave to the homosexual agenda. They will stand proud and rigid — stiff with resolve in the face of the gay lobby. No matter how deep the gay mafia rams their agenda down their throats, Hotze and LaBarbera will not give in. They may gag and choke and tear up, but they will not quit. They can stand up to adversity and take it on the chin. And not just the chin, either. They can take it on the face, on the back, anywhere that the gay lobby wants to put it.

They will stand between us and the gays, and sure, things may get rough, and Hotze and LaBarbera may bend, but they will not break. They can take it. Whatever the hairiest bear has to wave in their faces, those two can take it. And they can give as well as they can take. They won't stand idly by while the smoothest, most glistening twinks corrupt our children.

They will also be there when two people want to dedicate their lives to each other, and they will put an end to it. They will stand in the way of true love, just like  Jesus Christ did. They will tear people apart, and make them scared to express their true feelings, and steep them in shame, and they will go to heaven for it. They will spread their hate for us. God bless them. 

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