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Steven Hotze and William Rea, Sitting in a Tree…

When you’re feeling picked on, it’s generally a good thing for a friend to come to your aid. But what if your friend is kind of a ‘tard? Is there a point where speaking up can do more harm than good?

Recently, Dr. Steven Hotze has sent letters to the editors at small community newspapers calling attention to complaints filed against his Dallas colleague, Dr. William Rea. If you forgot who Hotze is, he’s the dude who used to claim he was board certified when he wasn’t, the dude who believes all sickness can be healed via prayer, and the dude who believes that women should not work outside the home without the husband’s permission.

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And who’s Dr. Rea? He’s the dude who runs something called the Environmental Health Center, where patients who believe they’re suffering from “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” go for treatment. MCS is a malady not currently recognized by the AMA, the CDC, and a variety of other professional medical acronyms. Rea and Hotze believe at least one insurance company filed a complaint against Rea with the TMB, ostensibly to shut him down because they don’t like his MCS-based practice. Because complaints are anonymous, there is no way to confirm the identity of the complainant in Rea’s case. Enraged, Hotze appears to have momentarily put down his milk thistle and picked up a pen to write: “Communist regimes intimidate and silence individuals by using star chamber tactics cloaked in secrecy….Why is the TMB doing the dirty work for a New York insurance company?” (Which reminds us – The Star Chamber is a kick-ass movie starring Michael Douglas before all the facelifts. Check it out.)

So is TMB doing the bidding of the New York insurance cartel? According to TMB spokeswoman Jill Wiggins, insurance companies are responsible for less than one percent of all complaints filed with the TMB. That’s 85 out of 10, 980. Of those, 42 didn’t meet criteria and were not even investigated. None of the remaining led to a disciplinary action. So if the insurance-illuminati are trying to make the TMB their bitch, they’re doing a poor job and should probably seek domination advice from the Freemasons.

In the meantime, Rea’s office continues to sell laundry detergent, furniture polish and roach spray, among other household and lawn-and-garden products. For MCS sufferers attacked by their homes’ carpeting and wallpaper, he offers a 550-square-foot toxin-free apartment in Dallas for $770 a fucking week! Maybe Hotze’s right – the Commies would never allow that kind of capitalist gluttony. – Craig Malisow

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