Steven Hotze Reams Gays in Conference Call

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If there's one think Steven Hotze has thought long and hard about, it's sex between a man and a boy.

As elder statesman of Houston's homophobic right-wingnutters, the doctor (we use that term loosely) wants everyone to know what will happen if the gays aren't forced back into the closet where they belong. Which is why Hotze joined Texas GOP chair candidate Jared Woodfill and anti-gay "pro-family" group leader Brian Camenker, in a "Marriage Battle Plan" conference call earlier this month. Fortunately, Media Matters sat in on the call and has captured the crazy.

The liberal site described the Sept. 10 call as a way for this brain trust to lay out "a 'battle plan' for combating 'pro-homosexual rhetoric and propaganda' in federal courts."

If anything, the excerpts posted on the site show that Hotze, et al, don't even seem to be trying anymore. We don't doubt the sincerity of their bilious convictions -- we're sure there's nothing Hotze wants less than the gays' big, hard agenda shoved so far down his throat he gags, which is why he protests so much about it. But at this point, their talking points reek more of mothballs than hate.

In one audio clip, Hotze raises the spectre of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, alleging that the group appears "at every homosexual pride parade." This has led Hotze to believe that a key point of the homo-genda is "overturning the laws prohibiting pedophilia."

If that's true, the gays are doing a lousy job of it. It's entirely possible that Hotze has been present at far more pride parades than we have, but we've never seen a NAMBLA booth at the Houston parades. No NAMBLA bake sale tents. Not even an unmanned informational NAMBLA kiosk. And believe us, we've looked.

In case you're not familiar with this trope, Hotze says gays want to abolish pedophilia laws "because they can't reproduce, they've got to recruit. Why do you think they want to get in the Boy Scouts? That's like putting the fox...in the hen house."

To us, that's a bad metaphor, because if you think about it, it'd be more like putting a fox in a house full of much younger foxes. But poor imagery isn't the only flaw here. In a blind sampling test, we're pretty sure the average person would be hard-pressed to distinguish the language used on the Boy Scouts of America site with that on the NAMBLA site. If we told you about a "cubmaster" who wants to hold a "den meeting" in order to give "unit awards," which organization vested in pairing men with boys do you think we'd be referring to? But we digress.

Of course, gays should also not be teachers, because they are like both spoiled fruit and cancer: "You can't have it in the schools. It's like a cancer, these thoughts, these evil thoughts that are taught to the kids, it'll spread. Remember the old adage, 'one bad apple will spoil the whole bunch'? Well, that's what happens. When you allow this to occur, it destroys the moral fabric of our country."

Hotze also spoke about how gay people, presumably unlike heteros, carry various and sundry plagues: "They have numerous sexually transmitted diseases, among which is HIV," Hotze said. The antidote, of course, is Jesus: "We would encourage you to turn to Christ, confess your sins, and turn to Christ and ask him to free you from that....We're not mad at you, we don't hate you, we just don't want it taught to our kids."

And teach they will; if gays are ever allowed to marry in Texas, "They'll be passing out stuff to your children to teach them how to be homosexuals."

Instead of writing those Homo For Dummies instructional manuals, gays would be advised to check out the relevant Bible passages.

"If you don't know what the Scripture says, go to Romans [I:18-32] and see what the scriptures say about homosexuality and lesbianism," Hotze said. "It's [an] eye-opener."

That section, which is about God's wrath, bemoans the sins of homosexuality and idolatry. The International Standard Version concludes with "Although they know God's just requirement -- that those who practice such things deserve to die."

But we'd also ask Hotze to take a look at the very next passage, in Romans 2: "For when you pass judgment on another person, you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, practice the very same things."

Sounds about right.

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